Le Bourgeon Vert Restaurant

Le Bourgeon Vert’s menu revives the traditional Vietnamese delights by combining with contemporary interpretations. In addition to these dishes, we also serve you a refined delicacy and well-being of fusion-inspired flavors from the West and neighboring countries, which use fresh, healthy and seasonal ingredients. With his key culinary recipes and his passion, our Chef delicately promote the Aravinda Resort’s distinctive gastronomic cachet by respecting the original nuances.

As an upstairs restaurant with large windows folding, Le Bourgeon Vert offers our dear customers a wide-open space that gives a beautiful landscape view. Meals become more enjoyable by tasting emotionally with your beloved ones in the sensational flavor, originality of food style and melodious music.

Other Experiences

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Chili Bar

Chili Bar is an open bar beside the pool, offering a drinks menu to chill out at any time of the day: a typical Vietnamese coffee in the morning, a fresh fruit juice to re-energize in the afternoon or our signature cocktails in the evening.

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Enchanted Dining

Basking under sparkling candle lights, enjoying the special menu for two with your loved one, you are in for a romantic experience. The Enchanted Dining is set up in the garden, in the pool side or in the restaurant upon your request.

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Afternoon tea

Explore a wide selection of teas, herbal teas and seasonal herbal teas that work well with our homemade sweet delights. Afternoon tea experience is well served in the restaurant, bar or in the comfort of your room.

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