Culinary adventure


One of the most effective ways to discover a culture is to start with its cuisine. What could be a more pleasant experience during your holidays in Vietnam than the region’s traditional food made by yourself?  Follow some simple step guided by Aravinda Resort’s Chef, you can bring home our secret recipes and make your dining table become more interesting.
The culinary adventure will take place at organic vegetable garden where you can find fresh, seasonal ingredients to prepare the meal.  After the cooking classes, you can enjoy it on the Chili bar terrace or at Le Bourgeon Vert restaurant. 

Other Experiences

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Don't miss out on any special events of the region with our suggestion of festival and special days of year.

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spa ngang

Fleur de Sel Spa

Combining indigenous natural ingredients with traditional techniques & merging with Healthy Cuisine Collection, Fleur de Sel Spa brings along the therapy relieving mind, rejuvenating soul and charging energy.

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Aravinda Touch

From embroidered products, bamboo house objects and rattan, to herbal teas, infusions, we present you a side of Vietnam's diverse specialties through the best of traditional handicrafts from Ninh Binh and other provinces.

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